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20 Best Law Firms in Missouri in 2023

When dealing with legal issues, selecting the best law firm is crucial. No matter what type of legal matter you’re facing—personal injury, business law, or criminal defense—having a reliable and knowledgeable legal team on your side can make all the difference. Missouri has many law firms, each with specialties and strengths due to the state’s varied legal environment. This article will explore the 20 best law firms in Missouri in 2023, highlighting their achievements, specialties, and what sets them apart.

Smith & Johnson Attorneys at Law

Smith & Johnson, a personal injury law firm founded in 1985, has a longstanding reputation for excellence. Their group of accomplished lawyers is committed to advocating for the best interests of their clients and has obtained numerous multi-million dollar settlements.

Anderson & Lee Corporate Lawyers

Known for its expertise in corporate law, Anderson & Lee is a go-to firm for businesses in Missouri. They offer comprehensive legal services, including contract drafting, mergers, and acquisitions, focusing on providing practical solutions to complex legal issues.

Thompson & Myers Criminal Defense

Thompson & Myers is widely recognized for its outstanding track record in criminal defense cases. Their seasoned defense attorneys have successfully handled high-profile cases, earning their peers and clients’ respect.

Williams & Scott Family Law Associates

Williams & Scott is a reputable firm with a compassionate approach to matters related to family law. They understand the sensitivity of family issues and provide personalized solutions for divorce, child custody, and other family-related legal matters.

Baker & Harris Intellectual Property

Baker & Harris is a powerhouse in intellectual property law, helping businesses safeguard their innovations and creations. They offer expert guidance to protect their clients’ intellectual assets, from patents to trademarks.

Intellectual Property

Green Law Group Environmental Lawyers

With a focus on environmental law, Green Law Group helps clients navigate the complexities of environmental regulations. They assist businesses in implementing sustainable practices and conducting environmental impact assessments.

Roberts & Turner Real Estate Law

For real estate matters, Roberts & Turner is a top choice, with a deep understanding of property law in Missouri. They handle real estate transactions, zoning issues, and land use disputes precisely and efficiently.

Martin & Hayes Immigration Attorneys

Martin & Hayes excels in immigration law, advising individuals and businesses on visa applications, green cards, and citizenship matters. Their team stays up-to-date with the constantly changing immigration regulations.

Walker & Evans Employment Law

Walker & Evans is a leading name in employment law, representing employers and employees in various labor-related issues. Their expertise includes discrimination claims, wage disputes, and HR compliance.

Foster & Cole Business Litigation

Foster & Cole is renowned for their prowess in business litigation. Their attorneys are skilled in handling complex commercial disputes, providing aggressive representation to protect their client’s interests.

Hughes & Price Insurance Law Specialists

Hughes & Price helps clients with insurance claim disputes, coverage questions, and bad faith claims with a focus on insurance law. Their team is highly knowledgeable about insurance principles and procedures.

Turner & Murphy Bankruptcy Lawyers

Turner & Murphy helps individuals and businesses navigate bankruptcy proceedings, offering practical solutions to help clients get a fresh financial start.

Cook & Reed Medical Malpractice

Cook & Reed specializes in medical malpractice cases, advocating for victims of medical negligence and securing fair compensation for their clients.

Reed Medical Malpractice

Hill & Cooper Entertainment Law

Hill & Cooper represents artists, musicians, and entertainment companies, providing legal counsel on contracts, copyright issues, and entertainment-related disputes.

Scott & Bell Technology Law

Scott & Bell is at the forefront of technology law, offering guidance on data privacy, cybersecurity, and digital rights.

Adams & Hayes Criminal Appeals

Adams & Hayes are seasoned appellate attorneys focusing on criminal appeals and post-conviction relief.

Porter & James Maritime Law

Porter & James specializes in maritime law, shipping, admiralty, and marine insurance cases.

Powell & Roberts Personal Injury

Powell & Roberts boasts expertise in personal injury law, providing compassionate representation to victims of accidents and negligence.

Fisher & Wright Tax Law

The comprehensive tax law services provided by Fisher & Wright help both individuals and businesses with tax planning and IRS disputes.

Mitchell & Long Civil Rights Advocates

Mitchell & Long are dedicated to civil rights advocacy, fighting for justice and equality in cases of discrimination and constitutional violations.

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In conclusion, finding the right law firm can significantly impact the outcome of legal matters. The 20 best law firms in Missouri in 2023 cover various legal specialties and have a proven track record of success. Remember to consider the nature of your legal issue and the specific expertise of each firm before making your decision.

FAQs(20 Best Law Firms in Missouri in 2023)

How do I choose the best Law Firms in Missouri for my case?

Consider the firm’s experience, track record of success in comparable cases, and expertise in the particular area of law relevant to your case.

What should I expect during the initial consultation with a law firm?

You can discuss your case with the attorneys during the initial consultation, provide necessary details, and ask questions about the courtroom process and potential outcomes.

Are all law firms equipped to handle complex legal matters?

No, not all law firms have the same level of expertise in every area of law. Choosing a firm with relevant experience in handling complex legal matters is essential.

How much does hiring a law firm cost?

The case’s complexity and the Best Law Firms in Missouri billing schedule affect how much legal representation will cost. While some businesses may operate on a contingency fee basis, others may impose hourly or flat fees.

Can I represent myself in a legal case instead of hiring a law firm?

The case’s complexity and the law firm’s billing schedule affect how much legal representation will cost. While some businesses may operate on a contingency fee basis, others may impose hourly or flat fees.


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