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Florida drivers who regularly use the Roosevelt Bridge in Stuart should consider alternative routes due to recent safety concerns. The bridge has a history of issues, and these problems have recently become more severe, prompting officials to take action. In this article, we will explore the safety concerns with the Roosevelt Bridge and provide alternative routes for drivers to use instead.


The Roosevelt Bridge is a vital transportation link in the state of Florida, connecting Stuart to Palm City over the St. Lucie River. The bridge has been in use for over 20 years and is a popular route for drivers in the area. However, recent events have brought to light safety concerns with the bridge that are causing concern for drivers and officials alike.

Recent Events Regarding the Roosevelt Bridge

In April of 2021, the Roosevelt Bridge was closed after a crack was discovered in one of its support beams. This closure caused significant traffic delays in the area and prompted officials to take a closer look at the safety of the bridge. After further inspections, additional cracks were found in other support beams, leading to concerns about the structural integrity of the bridge.

These recent events are not the first issues with the Roosevelt Bridge. In 2019, the bridge was closed for several months due to damage from Hurricane Dorian. In 2018, a fire broke out on the bridge, causing significant damage and requiring repairs. The history of these issues is leading officials to take a closer look at the bridge and consider potential long-term solutions.


Safety Concerns with the Roosevelt Bridge

The safety concerns with the Roosevelt Bridge are primarily related to its age and design. The bridge was built in the 1990s and has not undergone significant updates or renovations since that time. This lack of maintenance has led to wear and tear on the bridge, making it more susceptible to damage and structural issues.

Additionally, the design of the bridge is causing concern. The Roosevelt Bridge features a unique “basket-handle” design, which has been noted as potentially problematic in terms of safety. The design has been linked to other bridge collapses around the world, and officials are concerned about the potential risks associated with this design.

Alternatives to the Roosevelt Bridge

For drivers who regularly use the Roosevelt Bridge, it is important to consider alternative routes. Fortunately, there are several viable options for drivers in the area. One alternative is the Jensen Beach Causeway, which connects Jensen Beach to Hutchinson Island. This route offers beautiful views of the ocean and is less congested than the Roosevelt Bridge.

Another option for drivers is the Palm City Bridge, which connects Palm City to Hutchinson Island. This route is slightly longer than the Roosevelt Bridge but is generally less congested and offers a more direct route for drivers traveling to or from Palm City.


The safety concerns with the Roosevelt Bridge are significant, and Florida drivers in Florida should take these concerns seriously. While officials work to address the issues with the bridge, it is important for drivers to consider alternative routes. The recent closure of the bridge and the history of issues with its design and maintenance highlights the importance of taking precautions when traveling on it. By considering alternative routes, drivers can avoid potential safety risks and reduce congestion in the area.


In conclusion, Florida drivers should avoid using the Roosevelt Bridge until officials can ensure its safety. The recent events and history of issues with the bridge should be taken seriously, and Florida drivers should consider alternative routes such as the Jensen Beach Causeway or the Palm City Bridge. By taking these precautions, Florida drivers can stay safe and reduce the risk of accidents or delays in their commute.


  1. What caused the recent closure of the Roosevelt Bridge?
  • The closure was caused by the discovery of a crack in one of the bridge’s support beams.
  1. How old is the Roosevelt Bridge?
  • The bridge was built in the 1990s.
  1. What is the “basket-handle” design of the Roosevelt Bridge?
  • The “basket-handle” design refers to the unique arch shape of the bridge, which has been linked to potential safety risks.
  1. Are there any other alternative routes for Florida drivers besides the Jensen Beach Causeway and Palm City Bridge?
  • Yes, there are other alternative routes available. Florida drivers should consult a map or GPS device to find the best alternative route for their specific needs.
  1. Will the Roosevelt Bridge be closed indefinitely?
  • It is currently unknown how long the bridge will be closed for repairs. Officials are working to address the issues with the bridge as quickly as possible.
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