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Sophie Cranney Receives Car-Crash Survivor Award

Sophia Cranney is the deserving recipient of the 2022 Survivor of a Car Accident Scholarship that has been made available by the law firm of John Foy & Associates. In competition with the other applicants for the scholarship, Sophia “Sophie” Cranney wrote an essay of between 500 and 1000 words in which she described how she had avoided death in a car crash. Her essay went into further detail about the effect that the accident above has had on her overall health.

In addition to her studies at Brigham Young University, Sophie maintains a home in Connersville, Indiana. It is anticipated that she will graduate in May of 2024. She believes that the incentive of $1,000 that will be provided to her by the Survivor of a Car Accident Scholarship will allow her to concentrate on her studies without having to worry about the cost of her tuition during this academic semester.

A Car Accident With Complicating Factors

A Car Accident With Complicating Factors

Sophie had a very busy life before the accident, both in terms of her extracurricular activities and her responsibilities. Her dedication to organizations such as the National Honor Society, combined with her perfect grade point average, kept her incredibly busy up until the point where the never-ending stream of activities became unmanageable.

In her paper, Sophie describes how, on a morning in December, she got into her car without realizing that there was a severe weather warning in effect for the area. She was involved in a collision with another vehicle at an intersection due to the icy conditions on the roadway, and her vehicle subsequently rolled into a ditch. Although the accident that occurred was quite serious, the actual repercussions of this oversight didn’t become clear until much later.

Sophie was taken to a nearby emergency room for treatment on the second day after her accident. There, a spinal fracture as well as a traumatic brain injury (TBI) was identified as being the cause of her condition. Her condition at the time did not warrant additional attention; however, the fact that she was fainting on a regular basis drove her to seek additional treatment.

Sophie received a diagnosis of Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, more commonly referred to as POTS, fifteen months after her accident, which was determined to be the direct result of her accident.

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Living With POTS

POTS is a blood circulation disorder that, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine, causes adults to have a significantly faster heart rate than is typical for their age group. Low blood pressure and other symptoms that only appear when the patient stands up or alters their position are also symptoms. According to Sophie, her diagnosis indicates that her body is preventing her autonomic nervous system from resting properly.

Since receiving her diagnosis, Sophia has been participating in intensive cardiac rehabilitation in addition to her physical therapy sessions. Because of her traumatic brain injury, she had to relearn how to read. Her medical condition imposed so many restrictions on her life that she became depressed and grieved the high-energy person she had been in the past.

However, because of this change, Sophie was motivated to rethink the context of her life. Even though she still struggles with the symptoms of POTS today, her time spent recovering has helped her to concentrate not on her own goals but rather on the ways in which she can be of service to the people around her.

A Recovery Built on a Mother’s Support

Sophie claims that the accident assisted her in refocusing on the things in her life that were important to her, such as her ever-important mother. Archery is a male-dominated industry, but according to Sophie, her mother is an entrepreneur and a pillar in the industry. Archer Full Throttle, the company that Sophie’s mother owns and operates, serves as a symbol of the tenacity that Sophie’s mother claims she has endeavoured to instill in her daughter.

Additionally, as a result of Sophie’s accident, she and her mother have rekindled their relationship. Sophie believes that she and her mother’s relationship suffered as a result of her dedication to her various extracurricular activities as well as her academic pursuits, which ultimately led to her successful future. During the months that followed her accident, Sophie made a concerted effort to rebuild a relationship with her mother and to devote more of her time to her home.

Sophie Cranney Academic Ambitions

Sophie’s plans for the future may have been altered as a result of her car accident and the diagnosis of POTS; however, these events have not slowed her down. As she prepares to enter her second year at BYU, she keeps herself busy by participating in the resident planning committee for the apartment complex where she lives and planning local events.

In addition, she operates a shop on Etsy where she sells bandanas for dogs and donates a portion of the proceeds to charities that benefit service dogs.

In addition, Sophie uses her free time between classes to participate in extracurricular activities such as the Adaptive Show Choir and the Sexual Assault Survivor Advocacy Service. She is also very vocal about the impact that POTS has had on her day-to-day life. She mentioned that she discusses invisible illnesses such as POTS on her TikTok channel.

Preparing for a Future of Service

Sophie has every intention of using the funds provided by the Survivor of a Car Accident Scholarship to continue her education toward a degree in psychology. Following the completion of her undergraduate degree, she intends to enroll in a doctoral program at a reputable institution. She hopes to put her education to use by working with children who are afflicted with disabilities, chronic conditions, or terminal illnesses to ensure that they are able to experience life to the fullest.

Sophie claims that the fact that she is familiar with invisible illnesses is what inspired her to pursue a career in which she can help other people.

“While I cannot claim to know everything there is to know about every illness,” she says in her report, “I think that my story gives me the capability to help a lot of people.” I also have a long-term goal of becoming a public speaker so that I can spread even more of my story to people all over the world. At the end of the day, if I can make a positive difference in the life of at least one person, then I can consider my work to have been successful.

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John Foy & Associates Survivor of a Car Accident Scholarship

The efforts that Sophie and other survivors of traumatic brain injuries are making to recover motivate the team at John Foy & Associates to take further action. Sophie is just one of many survivors. Our legal team extends their hands and their hearts to the families of those who have survived automobile accidents all over the country. We are also aware that the battle to regain the quality of life you had prior to the accident does not end when the civil case against you is resolved.

During this current school year, our group is pleased to be able to provide Sophie Cranney with financial assistance. It is motivational to see someone who is struggling through so much still strive to achieve continued academic and social success. We have high hopes that the $1,000 she will receive from the Survivor of a Car Accident Scholarship will allow her to better navigate the upcoming academic year.

Visit our community page if you would like more information about the John Foy & Associates Survivor of a Car Accident Scholarship. Our company is pleased to be in a position to provide prospective customers with monetary assistance on an annual basis. Before beginning work on their essays for the 2023-2024 school year, anyone who is interested in applying for the scholarship should first review the terms and conditions.

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